Greek Racing Team Meetup


On February 24th & 25th, Typhoon MotoRacing Team UoWM attended the Greek Racing Team Meetup, hosted by B&T Composites. The event took place in the main square of Florina and its purpose was to help promote the, as of now unshown effort of students of Greek universities. They have proven that our country’s universities can stand among the top, in a field as competitive as the auto industry, and many others.

The event was attended by the following teams, which have all gained various distinctions and trophies in events all around the world: Aristotle Racing Team (ART) Aristotle University Racing Team Electric (Aristurtle) UoP Racing Centaurus Racing Team ASAT – Aristotle Space & Aeronautics Team Oceanos – NTUA TEIWM Racing Team.

We would like to thank Mr. Tiriakidis and B&T Composites for the initiative to host and organize this event.