Motostudent V Results

Our team, Tyφoon Motoracing Team UoWM,

achieved great success in the fifth edition

of Motostudent International Competition.

Based on the experience of the first team and
Our prototype, ”Chimera” , in Motorland, Aragon, during the competition.
a lot of hard work, the team constructed it’s
second prototype ‘’Chimera”, a motorbike that
acquired the 7th position overall out of 45 teams,
in last October’s Motostudent International Competition.
Specifically, the team won 2 out the 3 awards
of MS1 (the theoretical part of the competition),
”Best Innovation” and ”Best Desing”,
achieving 4th position in the entirety of MS1.
In the track testing, MS2, the team came in
1st position in acceleration and mechanical
tests. Also, ”Chimera” reached the 5th highest
speed in the track, but, unfortunately, due to a
problem in the fuel supply, started from the 15th
position and finished in 12th.
The team results in detail were:
MS1 (Theoretical Part):
Design: 1st position
Technological Innovation: 1st position
Business Plan: 15th position
Total (MS1): 4th position
Our team, in the «Best Design» and «Best Technological Innovation» awards.
MS2 (Tests in track):
Acceleration: 1st position
Brake Test: 5th position
Gymkhana: 12th position
Μechanical test: 1st position
Qualifying: 15th position
Race: 12th position
Top speed: 5th position
Total (MS2): 7th position
After summing the points from the 2 parts of the competition, our team got to the 7th place,
out of 45 contestants from all over the world!