By sponsoring the efforts of Tyφoon MotoRacing UoWM, you are investing in future engineers. The sponsorships are intended to support the development of analytical science, innovation and the practical application of students’ theoretical knowledge. Those you trust with a sponsorship acquire the ability to manage problems in extremely tight deadlines while working on a budget. The success of the team is primarily due to the generosity of the sponsors, as the study, design and construction of a prototype racing motorcycle are costly. To sum up, team members acquire the skills and abilities that every employer wants to find in their engineers so that they are as efficient and effective as possible when carrying out their duties.
Furthermore, apart from locally, nationally and internationally, the humanitarian aspect of the company is shown, contributing significantly to a non-profit academic project, investing in the future students and helping them innovate and work on the subject they chose to study. Moreover, Tyφoon MotoRacing, has proven to deliver noteworthy results as seen by the success of the previous prototypes and the continuous growth of the team throughout the years. When sponsoring Tyφoon, in addition to the very essence of the project, the sponsor gets promotion as our team is well known to Greek and European universities, but also among the competition while being regarded a so-called “favorite”. We invite you to contribute to our effort.